Should I Plead or Fight my DUI Charge?

Many people, when charged with driving under the influence, look to simply plead guilty and take a plea bargain. They think that the evidence against them is so overwhelming that there is no point in hiring a lawyer to fight these serious charges. They accept the higher insurance rates, the ignition interlock, the fines and potentialRead more

Can I Get a DUI If My Car is Parked?

Our office has received calls from people who have been charged with DUI even though their car was parked. These people were people who may have had a few drinks and tried to drive only to realize that they were too intoxicated to do so. They tried to do the right thing by pulling overRead more

Understanding an Invalid Police Stop

When police pull you over, there must be a valid reason for the stop and probable cause for any subsequent search. If the police simply pull you over because of your race or because they saw you leaving a bar, that is not a valid reason. An attorney will examine any police stop and make sureRead more