Client Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say about us:

“Having my house searched and being charged with Possession of Child Pornography was the scariest situation I have ever been in. I was terrified that I would spend the rest of my life in prison. The attorneys at Patrick Anderson & Associates helped me not only to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, but to understand every single step of the process. They made sure that all of my questions were answered and got me the help I needed to make sure I never find myself in this situation again. I would recommend this firm to anyone, especially for cases as serious as mine. Not only do they know how to explain the legal aspects of a case, but they care about helping their clients. In my case, I needed someone to believe I could get better and my lawyers did that for me.”


“It would be difficult to overstate my respect and indeed-gratitude- to Patrick Anderson for his services.  Faced with a sensitive and difficult case to provide a defense for he fought mightily to successfully represent my interests. I was always comfortable in his presence and assured of having in him the finest most professional and compassionate representation. His advice was lucid; my options were clear. He was empathetic, sensitive to my particular concerns;. Importantly, he was readily at hand when the situation required it.

I arrived initially filled with worry and concern.  I was guided to a sensible, logical way forward. I can perhaps best conclude by stating-unequivocally I was defended as if a family friend of long standing and I have rarely met a more persuasive speaker-that’s kind of handy in one’s lawyer.”


“I would greatly like to thank Patrick Anderson and Crosley Sigmon for their work on my case. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a criminal attorney. The were very thoughtful, helpful, patient, understanding, professional and experienced in handling my case. I believe that they are capable of helping anyone. Thank you.



“I have known Patrick for a number of years, as a juvenile I found my self in trouble for a drug violation. Patrick was very thoughtful and considerate, he was definitely on my side and fought to have my violations minimized to the point that they did not adversely affect my future. In the end, the drug violation was expunged from my record and I went on with my life without any felonies hanging over my head.”

– Shaun ‎ – Oct 15, 2011


“I have been meaning to write this letter for over a year, but finally sat down to do it after a family member needed a good criminal defense attorney, and of course, I referred him to you.

A week does not go by where I do not thank you for what you did for my husband and my family. My husband and I came to you in 2006 with a drug possession case and you were exactly what he needed to get his life turned around. He had a cocky attitude and was not taking any of the charges seriously and I was a nervous wreck. Your stern words with a man that was in denial about an alcohol and drug addiction problem and swift legal action was the remedy to get his life cleaned up. Even after he violated his probation, you did not give up on him, and gave him an intervention that woke him and forced him to change his life around by seeking help. I could have never accomplished this by myself – believe me I had tried! Of course, you were also able to get the judge to see that he was a good man that made some bad mistakes.

To me, you were more than an attorney, you were his savior. My husband is now a successful business owner and has been sober for two years. I owe my marriage and my family’s happiness to you. Please come by and see him. He would love to see you.”


“Aggressive, caring, and responsive criminal lawyers! HIRE THEM if you are ever in trouble! This firm helped me navigate a complicated case that could have resulted in loss of my license and jail time. they walked me through every step with patience, explained all my options, and fought for me. My case was resolved with just a fine, no jail time, and no loss of my license. I hope I won’t ever have to hire an attorney again, but if I need one, Patrick and George will be my first call.”

– Elizabeth ‎ – Sep 20, 2011


“Excellent Attorney! Mr. Patrick , was the best legal decision that I could have made. His professionalism, knowledge of the law, and commitment to his clients is beyond reproach. His knowledge of the judicial system along with it’s judges and DA’s was of vital importance in my case.

Mr. Patrick not only made my family feel at ease, even confident, about my case, but he did the same for me. After only a ten minute conversation with him, I was placed more relaxed about my circumstance than I had been in a long time. Not only did he get a seemingly unattainable [result] inside the courtroom, but his concern for the welfare of his clients is unmatched. He became very upset when he heard there was a mix-up with my bail and immediately proceeded to go clear it up.

I’m not sure what else there is to say other than as far as lawyers go, Mr. Patrick is without a doubt one of the first choices to be considered when looking for an outstanding attorney. I will forever be grateful for his services.”

– Sarah ‎ – Sep 26, 2011


“Hi Patrick – I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for your (and Sarah’s ) help with my case. It was a much longer process than I thought it would have been, but in the end, the reduced charge was definitely a more favorable outcome than what I was initially faced with.

I appreciate all the effort and time you put into this case. You and Sarah were both great to work with, and made this unpleasant experience a little more bearable. It also helped to have someone I felt comfortable with on my side, each step of the way.

I will be sure to recommend your services should I ever know anyone in a similar situation, though, for my own sake, I hope that I won’t be the one needing any additional help from your firm in the future. Thanks again!”



“Your absolutely excellent preparation for [our daughter’s] trial on March 6th was awesome to her, our friends and above all – to me.

Words of appreciation and thanks scarcely tell the whole story.  Deeply felt gratitude is what I hope you read in my eyes, because no words could convey the rush of relief we all felt at her sentence.

What great good fortune brought you in to hers & our lives! I know her future will be fine from now on.”


“Dear Patrick,

I wanted to write and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I certainly started out the ungracious client and I am deeply in your debt for sticking with me through some very unpleasant times.

I feel that without your help and the swift kicks to the rear you provided (ha) I would not be where I am today. I have this wonderful job, fulfilling and happy marriage, good friends, the respect and trust of my family and above all else my sobriety. I truly don’t think I would have gotten clean and sober had I not been provided the avenue to do so. You helped that happen for me.

I know that a simple “thanks” must seem insufficient as you helped me create a new life for’re a good lawyer, Patrick. More importantly, you are a good person.Thanks for not giving up on me.

Best wishes to you and your family. I won’t forget what you did to help me.”