How Accurate are BAC Tests?

When you are charged with driving under the influence, one of the most important pieces of evidence against you will be your blood-alcohol level. Many people know the legal limit is .08, so a jury is going to want to see that proven. This is why it is crucial that blood alcohol tests be asRead more

Sobriety Checkpoints Explained

Many clients seeking the help of a DUI lawyer do so after being caught in a police checkpoint. Understandably, these clients have questions about the legality of these checkpoints and what their rights are when they face charges stemming from them. In Virginia, sobriety checkpoints are legal, provided police follow certain procedures when stopping cars. IfRead more

Fighting Drugged Driving

Some Virginia drivers may not realize they can be charged with driving under the influence even if they have had not a drop to drink. In Virginia, the DUI laws make it illegal per se to drive with certain amount of drugs in your body (excluding cannabis). This means that if an officer pulls youRead more

Reasons Police Can Stop

For a police search to be valid, the initial stop must be valid. Police cannot simply pull people over and then search the vehicle. There needs to be probable cause for a search after a traffic stop. In other words, there have to be signs of impairment while driving. If not, an attorney may be ableRead more

Driver Improvement Clinics

As part of the conditions for license reinstatement, most people charged with drinking and driving in Virginia will be required to take a Driver Improvement Clinic. These clinics are offered both in person and online and take about 8 hours. Generally, the cost is around $45 but can be a little more or less dependingRead more

Crime Lab Error Results in DUI Problems

A recent story out of California shows just how important it is for lawyers to be thorough when examining evidence against a client. There, calibration equipment was found to be .001% off when audited for accuracy. While this may sound like a small error, it calls into question the overall accuracy of every result. Because soRead more

What to Do During a Traffic Stop

Many clients ask what they should do if they have been pulled over by police. First, be polite. The police officer is just doing his job so you shouldn’t take it personally that you have been pulled over. Also, being rude or aggressive with the officer could lead to additional charges. Always be polite. You shouldRead more

A DUI with a BAC Under .08? It’s Possible

Most people think that a person needs to have a blood-alcohol content of over .08 to get a DUI in Virginia. While this is the most common case, it still possible to get a DUI even if your BAC falls below this threshold. While this is not as common, some people who seek out anRead more

Driving with an Ignition Interlock

Virginia recently passed one of the toughest DUI laws in the country, requiring first time offenders to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This device checks a person’s blood-alcohol content before the vehicle will start, and then periodically requires the driver to blow as the car is moving to make sure they areRead more