Understanding Implied Consent Law

Implied Consent Law In Virginia, any driver on the road has already consented to taking a breath or chemical test if there is probable cause you are operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This means if you are suspected of driving under the influence of either and you refuse to submitRead more

Playing It Safe During The Holidays

Northern Virginia Drunk Driving Attorney Encourages Holiday Safety There is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing a bit during the holidays, but it is important to make sure none of the fun turns into a nightmare. Using common sense, most people know they shouldn’t drink and drive. There is no magic number of drinksRead more

Challenging Your License Suspension

When you are charged with DUI in Virginia, you face an automatic license suspension. It is possible, however, to appeal this suspension if you feel the traffic stop was improper or that the evidence against you was faulty. If you feel that your license suspension was unfair, you can challenge the suspension in an administrativeRead more

Getting Insurance after a DUI

Once a person has been arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, they will face many fines and penalties. One big cost that will follow a person for years will include increased insurance rates. In general, a DUI will stay visible to your insurance company for five years (this can vary depending on the state).

Mobile Apps not Guaranteed to Prevent DUI

Some people go out drinking and think that a mobile app can prevent them from avoiding police or avoiding a sobriety check. While it’s true that mobile apps and social media pages may alert people to the locations of certain checkpoints, it is far from a guarantee to avoid a drunk driving charge in Virginia.Read more

What Happens if I Refuse a Breath or Blood Test?

A common question asked is, should I have just refused to take the breath test? These clients wonder if, instead of blowing over a .08, they would have been better off simply refusing the test. Unfortunately, refusing to take the test carries its own penalties so there really isn’t a right or wrong choice to make.Read more

Penalties For DUI In Virginia

Penalties For DUI A conviction for DUI first offense carries a mandatory minimum fine of $250 and a revocation of your driver’s license for one year. A conviction for DUI second offense carries a mandatory minimum fine of $500 and a revocation of your driver’s license for three years. You may also face a jailRead more

Understanding Your DUI Or DWI Charge

DUI Charges Explained It is important to know that you can face drunk driving charges not only if you are under the influence of drugs, but also if you are under the influence of any drugs or any controlled substance. You are legally driving under the influence if your blood alcohol content is .08 percent orRead more

Is There A Difference Between a DUI and DWI?

Differences Between DUI and DWI In the state of Virginia, both driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated mean the same thing. They are used relatively interchangeably to describe drunk driving. The similarities end, however, if you are on federal property and face charges within federal court. In regards to Federal law, someone facesRead more

Breathalyzer Tests Explained

A key piece of evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop is the Breathalyzer test. This test used a person’s breath to measure their blood-alcohol content. If a person blows a .08 or higher on this machine, they will be arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia. Even if a person blows belowRead more