Getting Insurance after a DUI

Once a person has been arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, they will face many fines and penalties. One big cost that will follow a person for years will include increased insurance rates. In general, a DUI will stay visible to your insurance company for five years (this can vary depending on the state).

Mobile Apps not Guaranteed to Prevent DUI

Some people go out drinking and think that a mobile app can prevent them from avoiding police or avoiding a sobriety check. While it’s true that mobile apps and social media pages may alert people to the locations of certain checkpoints, it is far from a guarantee to avoid a drunk driving charge in Virginia.Read more

What Happens if I Refuse a Breath or Blood Test?

A common question asked is, should I have just refused to take the breath test? These clients wonder if, instead of blowing over a .08, they would have been better off simply refusing the test. Unfortunately, refusing to take the test carries its own penalties so there really isn’t a right or wrong choice to make.Read more