Understanding Implied Consent Law

Implied Consent Law In Virginia, any driver on the road has already consented to taking a breath or chemical test if there is probable cause you are operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This means if you are suspected of driving under the influence of either and you refuse to submitRead more

Playing It Safe During The Holidays

Northern Virginia Drunk Driving Attorney Encourages Holiday Safety There is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing a bit during the holidays, but it is important to make sure none of the fun turns into a nightmare. Using common sense, most people know they shouldn’t drink and drive. There is no magic number of drinksRead more

Challenging Your License Suspension

When you are charged with DUI in Virginia, you face an automatic license suspension. It is possible, however, to appeal this suspension if you feel the traffic stop was improper or that the evidence against you was faulty. If you feel that your license suspension was unfair, you can challenge the suspension in an administrativeRead more