Playing It Safe During The Holidays

Northern Virginia Drunk Driving Attorney Encourages Holiday Safety

There is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing a bit during the holidays, but it is important to make sure none of the fun turns into a nightmare.

Using common sense, most people know they shouldn’t drink and drive. There is no magic number of drinks you can have and not have an issue if you are pulled over. The way alcohol affects a person depends on so many factors including someone’s weight and height, what they previously consumed, in what time span the drink was consumed, if the person has any other drugs in the body and the concentration of the drink. To be safe, it is important to designate a driver before the evening begins so there is no question that the person driving in not impaired.

If you have children, especially teenagers, it is important to speak with them about the legality of alcohol consumption at their age and the problems they may face if they are charged with under-aged possession of alcohol. If a teen would be convicted of being a minor in possession of alcohol, he or she would face a six-month driver’s license suspension and up to 50 hours of community service.