Getting Insurance after a DUI

Once a person has been arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, they will face many fines and penalties. One big cost that will follow a person for years will include increased insurance rates. In general, a DUI will stay visible to your insurance company for five years (this can vary depending on the state).

High Risk Drivers

The reason your insurance rates will skyrocket is because once you have been arrested, you will be considered a “high risk driver.” In order to account for this risk, insurance companies will charge you a high rate indefinitely. Immediately after you arrest, you will need to obtain an SR-22 that is filed with the state to show you have state minimum coverage in Virginia. This way, you can drive legally while maintaining financial responsibility after a DUI.

An attorney can potentially fight your DWI charges and work to prevent the increased insurance rates, ignition interlock, and other penalties that accompany a conviction. If the charges against you are dropped or you are found Not Guilty in a court of law, you can continue driving legally without the hassle that comes with a drunk driving conviction.