Mobile Apps not Guaranteed to Prevent DUI

Some people go out drinking and think that a mobile app can prevent them from avoiding police or avoiding a sobriety check. While it’s true that mobile apps and social media pages may alert people to the locations of certain checkpoints, it is far from a guarantee to avoid a drunk driving charge in Virginia.

Problems with Apps

One of the biggest issues with mobile apps is that it is unclear how often they are updated or whether they are accurate. This means there may be a sobriety checkpoint that is right around the corner that the app fails to register. But perhaps more importantly is that a person is more likely to get pulled over by an officer on patrol than at a sobriety checkpoint. And if you are fumbling with your phone instead of paying attention to the road, you are far more likely to be involved in an accident or pulled over by the police. Never trust that a mobile app or website will keep you from being pulled over by police.