Blood-Alcohol Levels

Many people are aware that .08 is the level for drunk driving, but they may not be completely aware of what that means. .08 refers to your blood alcohol level and it measures how intoxicated a person is while driving. If you are over .08 you will be charged with drunk driving regardless of your ability to pass a field sobriety test or your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Measuring BAC

In order to calculate your BAC, there is a simple formula to keep in mind. One drink is equivalent to .02. This means 12 oz. of beer, 4 oz. of wine, 1 oz. of hard liquor, etc. In an hour, the body can metabolize one drink. This means that a person can generally drink one beer an hour without getting drunk. It should be noted, however, that everyone’s body is different so this should not be used as a defense. Rather, it is just a rule of thumb to help people safely enjoy a drink or two while out while minimizing their chances at getting a drunk driving charge.

Virginia has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. Even a first time charge brings with it expensive fines, potential jail time, and an ignition interlock. A lawyer can fight these charges and work to achieve the best outcome possible for your particular case.