Breathalyzer Tests Explained

A key piece of evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop is the Breathalyzer test. This test used a person’s breath to measure their blood-alcohol content. If a person blows a .08 or higher on this machine, they will be arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia. Even if a person blows belowRead more

Can I Avoid a Police Checkpoint?

If a person sees a police checkpoint up the road, their first instinct might be to turn around or to try to avoid it. Even if a person hasn’t been drinking, they may not want to deal with the stress that passing through a checkpoint can bring. Unfortunately, if police notice a conspicuous maneuver toRead more

Blood-Alcohol Levels

Many people are aware that .08 is the level for drunk driving, but they may not be completely aware of what that means. .08 refers to your blood alcohol level and it measures how intoxicated a person is while driving. If you are over .08 you will be charged with drunk driving regardless of yourRead more

Dangers of Representing Yourself

When it comes time to have your day in court, you are free to represent yourself without a lawyer, assuming you are of sound mind. While you have every right to choose pro se representation, it is generally not a good idea. Criminal cases are complicated and the stakes are very high. Before choosing toRead more