Language Tricks Used by Police

When police approach a vehicle, they are attempting to gather evidence against the driver. It may not seem like it, but they are intentionally going to try to pull information from you, including whether you’ve been drinking or whether there is contraband in the car. Police are experts in this, and they employ common languageRead more

Sobriety Checkpoints Explained

Many clients seeking the help of a DUI lawyer do so after being caught in a police checkpoint. Understandably, these clients have questions about the legality of these checkpoints and what their rights are when they face charges stemming from them. In Virginia, sobriety checkpoints are legal, provided police follow certain procedures when stopping cars. IfRead more

Fighting Drugged Driving

Some Virginia drivers may not realize they can be charged with driving under the influence even if they have had not a drop to drink. In Virginia, the DUI laws make it illegal per se to drive with certain amount of drugs in your body (excluding cannabis). This means that if an officer pulls youRead more