Driver Improvement Clinics

As part of the conditions for license reinstatement, most people charged with drinking and driving in Virginia will be required to take a Driver Improvement Clinic. These clinics are offered both in person and online and take about 8 hours. Generally, the cost is around $45 but can be a little more or less depending your particular area. Once you have completed this training and had your lawyer file the paperwork with the court, you may be eligible for a restricted license.

Restricted Driver’s Licenses

If the court approves it, you may be eligible for a restricted license. However, the court is under no obligation to grant this request. For first time offenders (except in certain high BAC cases or cases with an injury accident) this restricted license is generally granted. This means that a person will be able to drive:

  • To work
  • To school
  • During working hours if driving is a required part of your job
  • For medical treatment
  • To taking your children to school or daycare

If you are caught driving outside of these restrictions, it is possible that your license could be suspended for the duration of your probation. Your lawyer can fight to keep your restricted license should this happen, but it is best to only drive within the confines of the law during this period. This way, you can be sure you will get to the places you need to go without running afoul of the law.